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24x7 Solutions are a telco managed service provider and run a global support desk.


An increase in customer demand was leading to increased support costs, which led to a heavier workload on their operational and support processes.

This was limiting their ability to invest in sales and marketing, product development and digital transformation.

What was needed was a tool that could better structure their support operations, but beyond that something that could also highly automate best-practice support workflows.


24×7 chose to implement Servicely’s workflow platform to structure and automate support processes.

24×7 used Servicely’s capacity to self-learn how to perform common tasks, saving time and expense from having to program automations.


Implementation of Servicely brought more structure, repeatability and efficiency to 24×7’s service workflows.

Improved reporting enabled better visibility into opportunities for further efficiency initiatives as well as customer experience improvement.

The structure provided by Servicely, along with the automations that Servicely automatically created and implemented, led to 24×7 being able to service more customer demand with fewer staff resources.

This allowed 24×7 to more aggressively address the growing market by tackling product innovation and sales opportunities.

“I had thought that service desk tools were all much the same, but I was initially astonished and later delighted about how easy Servicely is to use, and how effective and transitioning manual workflows to automation.

I had some trepidation about whether our customers would embrace the self-service portal, but it is proving very popular.”
Michael Stuart, Director Technology

What’s Next

24×7 is now able to grow its business without a linear growth in support resources required. This enables a better and more profitable business model.

Customers are happy to transition to the self-service portal because they are often able to get service instantaneously on a wide range of issues. This range is constantly being expanded to provide superior customer service levels.

As a result of the self-service, and the 24×7 capacity to deliver faster and more accurate service outcomes from the service desk staff, customer satisfaction has improved significantly.

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