BLOG State of the Service Desk Part 3: Metrics for Service Desk Management

Ben O'Loghlin

This blog series explores the topics discussed in's State of the Service Desk report. More details at the bottom of this blog article.

The following metrics were most commonly mentioned as important to service desk performance:


  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) (typically used in customer-facing interactions)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) (typically used in employee-facing interactions)

Call Handling

  • First call resolution (FCR)
  • Call handling time (CHT)
  • Call wait time (CWT)
  • Abandonment
  • Outstanding tickets daily, weekly, monthly

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Tickets currently in breach of SLAs
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly SLA violations


  • Calls per hour, day, week
  • Employees per support analyst
  • Cost per ticket
  • Hours’ work logged per employee per day
  • Recruitment pipeline

There was a range of maturity levels around metrics and SLAs.

At the lower end, one organization was bringing the service desk in house again and had no service levels in place yet. Another organization had only just brought in SLAs in the last six months as part of a service management professionalization program.

At the other end of the scale was a managed service provider who had more maturity and sophistication and was offering different SLAs for different customers, and even different SLAs for different pieces of equipment.

For those with SLAs, some wanted to improve their service levels while others were happy if they could maintain them while they added new services. Generally speaking, the organizations at the lower end of the maturity spectrum saw the most opportunity for improvement in service levels.

Next – Part 4: Increase in Demand

In late 2020 conducted 23 research interviews with service desk executives, managers and practitioners, to explore the State of the Service Desk in the post-COVID19 world.

The interview results were synthesised into a report that covers the following topics:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Service Desk Metrics
  4. Increase in Demand
  5. Transformation, Consolidation and Integration
  6. Shift Left
  7. Automation and Orchestration
  8. Knowledge Management
  9. People Management
  10. Support Channels
  11. Data Quality
  12. Tools
  13. Conclusion

This blog series will serialise the topics listed above. The full report is available for download at

If you would like to discuss any of these topics please get in touch via the website or book a meeting at

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