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Dion Williams

Legacy systems and traditional tools have long been the backbone of organisational processes, however the cost and complexity of maintaining these systems have become significant pain points for organisations. Companies are drowning in outdated IT tech and processes. We’ve found that the average company uses 50-90% of their IT budget to maintain legacy systems and apps. This allocation of resources hampers their ability to invest in innovation and strategic initiatives that can ultimately boost profits. 

The Shift to AI-Based Automation: A Paradigm Change

In response to the current economic climate and the challenges posed by legacy systems, businesses are turning to AI-based automation solutions to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. Our AI-powered workflow platform helps organisations realise the value of their data through an intelligent platform that automates repetitive tasks and augments agents to deliver tangible business benefits. Read on for more on how we can help deliver tangible benefits in weeks and ROI in mere months.

  1. Rapid Deployment for Tangible Benefits

One of the standout benefits of our platform is the ability to drive results within a remarkably short timeframe. Traditional tools and legacy platforms often require extensive time and resources for implementation, causing disruptions in daily operations. In contrast, our platform is designed for swift deployment, ensuring that businesses can start reaping the benefits of automation almost immediately.

This rapid deployment is a crucial advantage. With minimal disruption and change management support, leaders can ensure business operations run smoothly and employee morale remains high. Whether it’s streamlining IT processes, optimising workflows, or enhancing customer experiences, Servicely’s quick implementation allows businesses to adapt and evolve without the prolonged downtimes associated with traditional tools.

  1. Cost-Efficiency: From Maintenance to Innovation

The staggering percentage of IT budgets dedicated to maintaining legacy systems highlights a pressing need for a more cost-efficient solution. We address this challenge with an economical, single price point for all apps. In addition, our AI-powered platform helps businesses find efficiencies and make cost savings that allows them to redirect budgets toward strategic initiatives that drive growth and competitiveness. The shift from a maintenance-heavy approach to a more cost-efficient and innovation-focused strategy is why our AI-based solutions have been a key differentiator for customers across multiple industries.

  1. Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

Organisations that operate in industries that require a level of complexity in their operations can also struggle to find the right platform to bring everything together in. Legacy systems and larger platforms can potentially offer ease of configuration, but at an eyewatering cost and limited pace and with little to no room to adapt to changing market conditions. Smaller tools and offerings often have limitations when faced with slight complexities in operations.

And that’s where Servicely steps in. Our AI-based platform offers enhanced scalability, is configurable and highly flexible. Our architecture allows organisations to scale their automation efforts as their operations grow. This is particularly crucial in industries where rapid adaptation to market shifts is a competitive advantage. Moreover, our flexible low-code, intelligent platform allows business users across the enterprise to easily build and configure workflows across all business units without developer input. Employees on the front line, with full visibility into what the business really needs can leverage this to drive innovation in their teams without being hampered by traditional barriers to entry. And with a single end-to-end view across all systems, you can improve key business metrics and drive positive employee and customer experiences.

  1. Accelerated ROI: Months, Not Years

Inevitably, any conversation around digital transformation must be focused on the bottom line. Traditional tools and legacy platforms often require extended periods before organisations start realising significant returns on their investments. At Servicely however, we measure our ability to deliver ROI in mere months, allowing businesses to witness the transformative power of AI-based automation in a remarkably short timeframe. Our accelerated ROI is a testament to the efficiencies we can drive, as well as the cost savings and innovation opportunities that we bring to the table. For businesses navigating economic slowdown, our economic pricing the quick realisation of economic benefits is a compelling reason to embrace AI-based automation.


Digital innovation isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a strategic imperative. The statistics revealing the significant portion of IT budgets allocated to maintaining legacy systems underscore the urgency for change. We offer an alternative that allows your businesses to break free from the shackles of legacy systems, redirecting resources toward innovation, and accelerating your path to success.

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