BLOG 5 Business Automation Processes You Should Be Using

Ben O'Loghlin

Automation seems to be the word du jour in recent years, and for good reason. Consider that automation processes don’t need to be revolutionary, but rather small, incremental ways of automating repetitive functions in the workplace can really add up over time in terms of cost savings and productivity gains.

That’s where business automation processes really shine and why you should be using them. Once the domain of large corporations that could afford the relatively new AI technologies, software platforms are abundant these days, meaning that anyone from the lonely solopreneur to the budding medium-sized companies all stand to benefit. Below are five business automation processes you really should be using.

1. A Quality AI Service Desk Automation Platform

The typical service desk needs to be manned, which means labour hours, opening and closing times (people need to sleep and eat!), as well as the limitation of being a one-on-one conversation. Servicely provides an inclusive AI service desk automation platform that excels in all of the above areas and more, boasting productivity boosts of up to 40 per cent. Not bad!

2. Machine Learning Solutions

Machines can reliably execute repetitive physical tasks over and over, but they’re getting pretty darned good at cognitive-skill intensive tasks too. Google’s best machine learning solutions were able to solve CAPTCHAs with 99.8% reliability compared to a mere 33% from humans. Machine learning on its own, however, doesn’t do anything. It requires a robust and sufficiently large base of existing data in order to ‘know what it’s looking for’.

3. Natural Language Processing

What good is an automated AI service desk solution if less than half the time, the software doesn’t understand natural human nuance in conversation? At best, you’re right at times, but at worst, your customers will only get frustrated working with this silly robot.

Enter Natural Language Processing. Advancements in AI now permit service desk software platforms such as Servicely to excellently understand nuanced language, or in other words, ‘natural human language’.

4. Cloud Infrastructure

We’re living in an age of the Internet of Things (IoT), whereby hosting the ever-growing quantities of data and business analytics locally just isn’t reasonable anymore. The cloud is already widely used for SaaS and PaaS providers for its incredible scalability, particularly useful for young and budding entrepreneurial activities where global reach and straightforward adoption over the internet are critical.

5. Prebuilt Algorithms and Code Segments

There’s a reason why the gig economy is full of Python, Ruby, and insert language here developers – simple, labour-saving code snippets and algorithms boost productivity by reducing or eliminating redundant tasks. Every business should be using some form of automation here, but what if algorithms and code were part of a bigger whole?

Sincerely’s AI service desk platform is a complete package, ready out of the box. Our solutions are truly intelligent in that they are backed by an intuitive self-learning AI that will only improve over time and use. This makes our service desk AI platform a robust tool for a myriad of applications and less reliant on constant patching and updating due to obsolescence.

Experience the best of what business automation has to offer with Servicely AI, machine learning, and deep learning service desk AI platform has to offer for your business.

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