AI-Powered Workflow Platform

An average company uses anywhere from

50% to 90%

of their IT budget to maintain legacy systems and applications.

Intelligent low-code platform to support digital transformation and business agility

Companies are drowning in outdated IT technology and processes; an average company uses from 50% to 90% of their IT budget to maintain legacy systems and applications.

Servicely’s AI-powered workflow platform helps organisations to realise the value of their data through an intelligent workflow platform that automates repetitive tasks and augments people to deliver tangible business benefits.

AI-Powered workflow to Augment your staff and Automate work across the enterprise service teams. A single system of record giving you end-to-end visibility.

Simple pricing plan

includes all Applications for budget certainty

Rapid workflow development

gets teams working more efficiently, faster

Granular security

mitigates risk with strict controls

Unlock your data and productivity with Servicely’s AI-Powered Workflow Platform

We built Servicely from the ground up to eliminate the frustrations of legacy systems. The flexible low-code/no-code workflow builder with drag-and-drop capability means business users can build intelligent workflows rapidly without developer help while self-learning AI means your workflows and business processes become smarter over time. Employees can perform simple tasks with ease – no queues – and focus on more rewarding, high-impact projects.

With a single end-to-end view across the business, you can improve key business metrics like CSAT, SLAs and NPS by making employees’ lives simpler.

Economical, with a single price point covering all Applications, Servicely delivers tangible benefits in weeks and net economic benefit (ROI) in mere months.

Low-Code Platform

Accelerate digital transformation across the enterprise with intelligent workflows on a single system of record

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Cutting edge artificial intelligence that Observes and Learns how work is done to Automate and Augment staff, significantly improving productivity

AI-Powered Workflow

AI Automation helps automate work with self-learning artificial intelligence to free up staff enabling them to focus on the high value work

Virtual Assistant

Virtual agents resolves issues and questions 24x7 instantly and autonomously, enabling staff to get back to business


Understand your IT landscape, where Assets are deployed, who they assigned to and which ones are nearing end-of-life, including contract management

Dashboard & Reporting

Monitor and manage deep process metrics and KPI's to identify and report on areas for improvement

Under the hood

Servicely AI-powered workflow platform helps organisations rationalise outdated technology with features that include native SaaS, secure single-tenant architecture, form builders and industry-standard integration wrapped up in a powerful and flexible security model. Architected to run across multiple availability zones, Servicely delivers industry-leading availability; no risk of downtime, and full business continuity.

For us Servicely has been an excellent upgrade. With Servicely we can integrate into our environment and do service desk the way we want to do it, rather than getting locked into a rigid ecosystem

Brian Levitt, CIO, Horizon House, Aged Care

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  • What is workflow automation?

    Workflow automation is an approach to automate and streamline the flow of tasks, documents and information across an organisation intelligently, allowing for digital transformation and business agility. While there are a variety of different workflow automation software providers out there, only Servicely keeps up with the speed of your business.

  • What is an example of workflow automation?

    There are several great examples of workflow automation we can provide, from automated marketing campaign workflows to automating customer onboarding.

    If you’re looking for workflow automation companies, you want to know exactly how they can help you to realise the value of your data through an intelligent service management platform.

  • What is low-code automation?

    Low-code automation allows you to automate processes into streamlined workflows with minimal coding knowledge. The advantages of using softwares, platforms and tools that offer low-code applications include allowing non-technical business users to get hands-on with automation projects while reducing the need to call upon costly developers and software engineers.

    Low-code automation platforms like Servicely use drag-and-drop capability that help users make quick use of the platform. These workflow management tools allow you to design a workflow management system efficiently.

    Taking this automation a step further, Servicely combines AI self-learning to allow your self-service offerings and processes to become smarter over time.

Why Servicely?

Self-learning AI

that gathers information, learns, predicts and offers best actions for speedier issue resolution

A low-code platform

with embedded AI that handles complex processes with ease

One destination with full visibility

from IT through to every business function

More intelligent self-service

delivers stand-out employee and customer experiences

Application of service management processes

throughout the business for enhanced efficiencies

Fast implementation

typically 5-10 days, with measurable ROI in just weeks