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Since 1979, NST IT Services has provided IT managed services to the Australian and New Zealand markets.


NST IT was using multiple legacy systems that were hampering service agent efforts to identify the root causes of incidents and communicate to the wider business about related incidents. Customer service levels were slipping, with a lack of visibility of system changes leading to downtime, and users unable to fulfil their requests. Services took too long to get into production. Worse, when services were cancelled, in many cases the associated third-party subscriptions were not cancelled concurrently.


NST needed a single integrated platform through which they had full visibility. We helped them to deploy the Servicely ITIL process suite that enabled them to manage all areas of the ITIL process including Incident, Request, Problem, Change, Contract, Time and Project Management.

With Servicely, now NST not only has better control over basic ITIL processes but also, they are taking advantage of life cycle tracking to ensure they reduce revenue leakage. Orders are captured and then billed in a timelier manner with invoices showing the correct line items. Servicely gives service agents all the information about billing cycles and renewal dates, and all orders are tracked from order to delivery. In addition, Servicely enables quality tracking of dependencies between ordered services, and the required infrastructure and third-party services. Dependency tracking has enabled the NST team to better plan and manage dependencies across teams and orders and track the state and schedule of dependencies. Critically, the team can identify any risks to ordering sand deliveries due to reliance on third-party dependencies.


NST teams now experience less downtime, with superior management of changes and problems. Better billing and tracking processes have meant less revenue leakage and increased profits due to improved cost control and visibility.

What’s Next

Having learned the benefits of Servicely AI-powered services management, NST intends to roll out Servicely across the business for functions such as CRM, accounting and sales workflows as well as automating processes for Office365 and Azure. The company is in now a stronger position with more robust ordering and billing tracking. NST expect continued cost reductions and improved service quality as they implement Servicely throughout their business.

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