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Our vision is to help ambitious mid-sized enterprises realise the demonstrable benefits of an

AI-powered platform

Prior to establishing Servicely, Dion Williams, our founder, was the force behind Keystone Management Solutions, a professional services firm that pioneered the introduction of ServiceNow in the APAC market. Over a period of 10 years, Keystone successfully deployment of ServiceNow to more than 400 customers globally. At the time of exit to DXC Technology, Keystone was the largest ServiceNow partner in the region.

Post this significant milestone, Dion embarked on a thoughtful period of reflection and ideation. Equipped with extensive experience in the service management domain he aspired to develop a ground-breaking platform, integrating the flexibility and power of past systems while addressing the limitations of traditional methodologies.

In addition, he recognized that artificial intelligence had matured enough to play a critical role in enterprise systems. Although numerous companies were leveraging AI for their conversational support bots, the vision was to achieve a more comprehensive workflow efficiency by deeply embedding AI into the system architecture.

Once the vision was crystallized, Servicely was launched, creating a platform that is spearheading a generational shift in service management and low-code workflow technology.

Dion Williams

Dion Williams CEO (Founder)

Dion Williams, founder and CEO. As a serial entrepreneur with previous successful businesses running service management partners for vendors like HP OpenView and more recently ServiceNow, Dion believed there had to be a better way to serve customers and improve productivity. The problem with existing vendors is they were not addressing the fundamental problem of people doing manual repetitive work.

Dion believes the age of AI brings opportunity to change the way we work, freeing people from the boring and mundane using intelligent automation, allowing staff to focus on higher-value work and customer service experiences.

With a passion for the outdoors, Dion can be found mountain biking, skiing, camping or surfing while enjoying being closer to nature.

Ben O'Loghlin

Ben O'Loghlin Head of Growth

Ben O’Loghlin, Head of Growth. After a short stint as a CIO and then a robotic engineer, Ben started his first IT company in 2001. Twenty years and many business successes later, he joined Servicely as head of sales and marketing, and as an investor and board director.

Ben believes we succeed only through service to others. He has bachelor degrees in Science (maths), Systems Engineering (with First Class Honours and the University Medal) and Music (jazz performance, double bass).

On most Wednesday nights you’ll find him running a jazz jam night at the Old Canberra Inn.

After many years working with best-of-breed architectures and interfaces, we resolved to build a platform from the ground up. Our platform, Servicely, simplifies the complexity of using AI for business outcomes with all the flexibility and power that businesses need without the frustrations of legacy systems.

We have developed the world’s first service management platform with AI at its core that observes how your best service agents resolve issues and requests and then uses that information to generate intelligent machine models for training. These models then augment service agents with intelligent automation to significantly reduce call-handling times.

Our vision is to help ambitious mid-sized enterprises realise the demonstrable benefits of an AI-powered platform.

AI is now well-recognised as a viable component of business systems, and self-learning AI is the way forward to improved productivity, lower costs and reduced complexity.

We observed companies incorporating AI into conversational AI support bots, but we had our eye on much more comprehensive workflow efficiency that comes from incorporating AI deeply into the architecture. We believe that businesses need to think differently about technology people and processes. Servicely offers a generational shift in service desk and workflow technology.

With Servicely, we empower organisations with the agility to keep up with rapidly changing business needs, deliver data-driven decisions and seize new opportunities faster without disruption. Simply stated, it’s process improvement at the speed of business.

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