Enterprise Service Management

Digitally immature organisations lose

46 hours a year

in productivity per employee

Simplicity and empowerment for customers and employees with intelligent workflows

Digitally immature organisations lose 46 hours a year in productivity per employee compared with just 17 hours for digitally mature organisations.

Cumbersome manual processes, data silos with multiple spreadsheets and emails, and no single system of record lead to missed opportunities and loss of revenue. Inaccurate data entries from manual entry can have significant impact on your bottom line – roughly 90% of spreadsheets contain business-critical information with limited visibility.

Servicelys’ enterprise service management delivers intelligent workflows to eliminate user error and lower business costs. And with a simple pricing model, Servicely pays for itself sooner than other costly alternatives.

Self-learning AI

to drive automation and business results

Rapid time to value with low-code platform

with leading AI capabilities

Low total cost of ownership

with all Applications in one pricing package.

Improve security and productivity with automated workflows

From onboarding a new employee to managing legal contracts to managing an audit trail – all involve a flow of information between people, tasks and systems. Apply Servicely to any end-to-end flow of information and enterprise automation will be easy and fast.

Servicely gathers collective knowledge from disparate systems and offers a single system of record to radically improve decision-making and mitigate risk. Unreliable emails and inaccurate spreadsheets become redundant, human error mitigated or eliminated, and upgrades are seamless.

Human Resources

Manage employee onboarding through to leave requests and approval in a single platform.

Customer Service Management

Deliver AI-Powered customer service management to delight your customer with best in class customer service.

Time Tracking

Tracking and reporting on time spent across the enterprise helping identify areas of improvement and optimisation.

Facilities Management

Manage assets and related work orders including maintenance tasks from a single integrated view.


Improve security posture with integrated security incident management and vulnerability management.

Custom Workflows

Digitise workflows across the enterprise breaking down silos, improving productivity and operational efficiency.

Under the hood

With Servicely’s intuitive user interface, business users can easily create an automated workflow, leaving more complicated tasks to the developers. Deeply embedded AI learns on the job while employees get what they want faster with improved self-service options. Improved visibility enables operational efficiencies; users have a complete view of employees and related costs, or can drill down to identify breakdowns and fix them before anyone notices. With enterprise workflow capabilities extended throughout the organisation, employees are empowered with self-service for multiple tasks such as annual leave requests or following up with a facilities issue. Servicely reduces the employee and service agent downtime due to these transactions and improves the bottom line.

Servicely has enabled us to integrate all our significant enterprise services under one pane of glass. I was surprised and delighted to learn that we could apply the same speed, accuracy and user experience to our customer service processes as well.

VP IT Operations, healthcare provider with 350+ sites and over 4,000 employees

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  • What is enterprise service management?

    Enterprise service management, or ESM, is an extension of IT Service Management (ITSM), i.e the principles and practices that enable organisations to better manage service delivery. However, enterprise service management is expanded beyond the traditional scope of ITSM and is applied to the entire enterprise, with the purpose of improving performance, efficiency, and service delivery.

  • Why is enterprise service management important?

    Enterprise service management is important for two main reasons. One, it helps your customers by allowing you to provide better service through software, processes, and tools. Two, it helps your internal teams directly by improving their efficiencies and streamlining workloads.

    Servicely takes enterprise service management to the level again, with:

    • Self-learning AI to drive automation and business results
    • Rapid time to value with low-code platform with leading AI capabilities
    • Enterprise process automation that eliminates user error while lowering business costs

Why Servicely?

Self-learning AI

that gathers information, learns, predicts and offers best actions for speedier issue resolution

A low-code platform

with embedded AI that handles complex processes with ease

One destination with full visibility

from IT through to every business function

More intelligent self-service

delivers stand-out employee and customer experiences

Application of service management processes

throughout the business for enhanced efficiencies

Fast implementation

typically 5-10 days, with measurable ROI in just weeks