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Beyond the Hype: 3 Ways AI Boosts Employee Engagement Modern workers desire fulfilling tasks, top-tier tools, and flexibility. According to a Gallup survey, engaged employees enhance profitability and customer satisfaction. Here's how AI comes into play: Minimize the Mundane: Automation reduces repetitive tasks, letting employees concentrate on innovative, meaningful work. Empower Agents with the Right Tools: AI-assisted platforms enhance customer service by giving agents quick, relevant data. Treat Employees as 'Customer Zero': AI chatbots promptly manage routine questions, freeing IT and HR for more intricate concerns. Overall, AI is a game-changer for fostering engagement and efficiency in the workplace.

How do you keep the modern worker engaged, fulfilled and working productively? It’s the challenge business leaders have been trying to address for years with varying success. Long gone are the days where free pizza and drinks on a Friday afternoon kept employees satisfied. Today’s workers want fulfilling work, access to tech and tools that help them do their job and flexible working conditions.

A recent Gallup survey found that businesses with a higher rate of engaged employees were more profitable, productive, and ranked higher for customer satisfaction.

Employees are your ‘Customer Zero’ – if they’re burnt out, disengaged, and generally unhappy, they’re not likely to pass on a positive experience to your customers.

Here’s where AI tools can step in to assist. Looking beyond the hype of popular online AI prompt tools, these are 3 ways you can leverage AI to keep employees happy.

Minimise the Mundane

You won’t be surprised to hear that repetitive, mundane tasks are the bane of a productive worker’s existence. Excessive admin work makes employees disengaged and inhibits their creativity, all the while affecting your profitability.

Routine tasks should be automated, freeing up your teams to focus on the creative and critical work that is more likely to yield results for the business.

Need to add an employee to an email or distribution list? Need to input input data? Answering FAQs? Automate. Your employees’ time is more valuably spent on tasks that require creative thinking and innovation that ultimately lead to business growth.



Give Agents the Tools to Succeed

We’ve all experienced the frustration of calling a customer service centre, being passed from one service agent to another, repeating your issue again and again, waiting on hold while information is verified or answers are found. It’s a frustrating experience, an emotion likely mirrored by the agent on the other end of the line being held back by their lack of tools.

An agent with access to the right tools can easily surface information relating to a customer enquiry and can be prompted by AI assistants to make the right choices and offer the best solutions.

Servicely automatically sets the priority to Critical because the customer wants to cancel and auto-assigns the call to the Customer Care team.


Your Employees as ‘Customer Zero’

How easy is it for your employees to do the everyday things they need to do? Booking time off, reaching out to IT or HR, accessing benefits and perks – these are just some of the services an employee needs fast and easy access to in order to do their job efficiently.

As your ‘Customer Zero’, providing employees with a seamless experience at work is key to improving retention and productivity.

Businesses that leverage AI chatbots to answer simple/recurring questions can free up time for IT and HR teams to deal with complex requests that require a white glove approach.

Need to change your password or order a new laptop? Let the virtual assistant handle it. Have a complaint to lodge or a personal circumstance to discuss? Your human agents can prioritise sensitive issues in a timely manner.


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