Telecoms Service Management

Improve Productivity

by 30%

Out-of-the-box workflows tailored to telcos for rapid implementation

The acceleration of digitisation and our new hybrid work model has put pressure on telecommunications networks. Increased traffic volume, disruptive technology and changing needs are driving change at a much more rapid pace than ever before. To manage networks and assets, telcos need more robust automation systems and processes that don’t require extensive setup and configuration, but can learn on the job.

Servicely telecoms service management streamlines workflows, gathering information from multiple sources to ease the burden of maintaining SLAs and improving operational efficiency with drill-down views of all sites and assets. We take automation to the next level again, with embedded AI in telecoms management to drive automation through self-learning, further enhancing response times and reducing human error.

Rapid adoption

with industry-leading pre-configured processes and telecom dashboards 

Easy implementation

with end-to-end integrated platform for communication providers

Scalable and flexible

platform supports any workflows, and reduces effort and latency of operational processes

Single system of record boosts operational efficiency

Telecommunications companies can reduce time-to-repair, minimise penalty exposure due to SLA breaches and boost operational efficiency with centralised management of site infrastructure with a single dashboard view. Operators can rectify issues faster before customers are affected with reduction in mean-time-to-repair.


Providing common business processes and requirements to minimise the amount of complex configuration and customisation.


SID is the TM Forum’s blueprint for enabling successful business transformation for Communication Service Providers (CSP).


STREAM enhances the Servicely ITSM application minimising the amount of complex configuration and customisation required to fulfil the role of an ITSM solution within a CSP’s network operations domain.

Operational Excellence

Pro-actively manage customers service experience with root cause and impact analysis

Single-System of record

Single system of record across all customers managing end-to-end process flows.

Rich Integration

Secure and robust integration to OSS and BSS tools to federate data and provide operational efficiency.

Under the hood

Servicely offers pre-configured, ready-to-go ITSM workflow processes that are customised for the telco market. The B2B portal offers a 360-degree view, customer by customer, with support for mobile offline access, and a preconfigured workflow for site access and maintenance. More granular views, drilling down to site, asset, components, land and other associated data, enable users to easily identify problems and address root causes.

Servicely has provided the foundation and the future of digitisation of the company and our workflows.

Pete Foster, CIO, Goodman Telecom Services

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  • What is AI in telecom?

    With the telecom industry expanding beyond providing basic phone and internet services, the new epicenter of growth is led by mobile and 5G broadband services. Growth is expected to continue with the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry.

    AI in the telecom industry uses advanced algorithms to look for patterns within your data, enabling telecommunications management to both detect and predict network anomalies before they become a problem. Common issues that AI in telecom will help include lack of data analysis, poor network management, systems and softwares that don’t communicate with each other, high costs and human error.

  • How does AI help the telecoms industry?

    AI can help the telecoms industry by reducing time-to-repair, minimising penalty exposure due to SLA breaches and boost operational efficiency with centralised management of site infrastructure with a single dashboard view. Embedded AI in your telecom dashboard will handle complex processes with ease. AI can help detect and accurately predict network anomalies more efficiently than manual check.

  • What is Telecommunications Service Management (TSM)?

    Telecommunications Service Management (TSM) enables you to enhance customer care, automate service assurance, and get real-time data visibility. Connect your telecom dashboard through out-of-the-box integration helping to reduce service desk overload and reduce time-to-repair.

Why Servicely?

Self-learning AI

that gathers information, learns, predicts and offers best actions for speedier issue resolution

A low-code platform

with embedded AI that handles complex processes with ease

One destination with full visibility

from IT through to every business function

More intelligent self-service

delivers stand-out employee and customer experiences

Application of service management processes

throughout the business for enhanced efficiencies

Fast implementation

typically 5-10 days, with measurable ROI in just weeks