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Dion Williams

Every minute lost to unresolved issues or lengthy call-handling times represents a potential cost to the organisation. When your agents are unable to access the information and tools they require, customer service suffers and inevitably brand reputation suffers and the bottom line is affected.

On the other hand, when employees have issues resolved right the first time, have access to customer data and information, they can get back to work immediately, providing the exemplary service you want to give customers.

So, what is IT Service Management (ITSM)?

At its core, ITSM refers to how IT teams deliver IT services to customers. This includes processes and activities to design, create, action, and support a wide range of IT services for customers. ITSM takes a structured and organised approach to these services, ensuring they are delivered and managed effectively.

Some of the benefits you can reap from implementing ITSM include:

  • Improved service quality: ITSM helps you provide consistent, high-quality IT services, reduces downtime, and minimises the impact of IT issues on business operations.
  • Enhanced efficiency: reduces manual effort and accelerates service delivery. This efficiency translates to cost savings and increased productivity.
  • Better customer satisfaction: customers experience faster issue resolution, improved self-service options, and proactive service management.
  • Compliance and security: includes security and compliance standards, helping organisations meet regulatory requirements and maintain data integrity.
  • Cost reduction: better resource allocation, reduced downtime, and improved efficiency all contribute to significant cost savings.

Servicely transforms traditional ITSM through automation, self-learning AI and a range of service management processes. Read on for more information!

Efficiency Through Integrated ITIL Processes

Servicely comes packed with industry best-practice ITIL processes, ready to be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a series of documents that provide a framework for building ITSM solutions. It’s simply the framework that allows you to provide your IT services to your customers. By incorporating these processes into a single, integrated platform, Servicely simplifies the way you handle IT service requests, incidents, and changes.

This means that when employees encounter issues, they no longer have to wait in limbo for service. With Servicely, you can resolve their problems right the first time, with minimal wait time. This not only saves time but also reduces the cost per call, as you won’t need to revisit and readdress the same issues repeatedly.

Self-Learning AI: Training the Platform as you Work

One of the standout features of Servicely is its self-learning AI. As your service agents work, the AI trains itself by learning from their interactions, meaning the the platform continuously evolves and becomes more efficient and effective as it goes.

The benefits of self-learning AI are twofold. First, it reduces the strain on your IT staff. As the AI becomes more capable of handling routine tasks, your agents have more time to focus on complex issues, fostering productivity and innovation. Second, it means that the platform becomes better at resolving issues faster and more accurately, improving the overall customer and employee experience.

Service Agent Augmentation

Your service agents are the front line of your business. Servicely empowers them with predictive capabilities that help them resolve issues faster. By analysing patterns and past interactions, the platform can predict the most likely needs of users and suggests actions to take based on these predictions, reducing the time it takes to address problems effectively.

Imagine a scenario where a service agent is presented with a user’s issue, and Servicely’s AI predicts the most probable solutions, offers best-practice templates, and suggests actions based on historical data. This not only speeds up the resolution process but also ensures consistency and accuracy in service delivery. Imagine your customer’s reaction when you can solve their issue quickly and efficiently!

Switch to Servicely Today!

Servicely offers a comprehensive solution that not only integrates industry best-practice ITIL processes but also leverages the power of self-learning AI to reduce call-handling times and empower service agents with predictive capabilities.

We’ve found that agent augmentation can reduce call-handling time by an average of 3.5 minutes. With implementation done in typically 5-10 days, you can achieve measurable ROI in just weeks. In a world where time and efficiency are of the essence, Servicely is the solution that can elevate your IT Service Management to new heights. It’s not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for productivity and innovation.


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