Sofi for ServiceNow

93% of customers

are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.

Reduce service desk overload with AI-powered self-service automation for ServiceNow

Happy customers mean improved profitability and employee satisfaction for organisations. However, poor self-service experiences will lead to frustrated employees, and send customers to your competitors. According to research, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. However, many organisations lack the technology to offer meaningful change to their self-service offering.

Using plain English with self-learning AI to observe and add to existing knowledge, Sofi self-service gets smarter over time, providing employees and customers with more accurate information.

Low-cost solution

that pays for itself within weeks

Rapid time to value

with faster implementation

Continuous self-learning

that makes workflows and self-service smarter over time

Reduce service desk workload

Sofi’s continuous learning and improvement reduces call-handling times, taking pressure off the service desk and enabling service agents to power through high-value tasks. With AI service desks and self-service growing smarter with every request, employees and customers can resolve their issues in seconds with accurate information. Should self-service not be adequate, the call is routed to the appropriate service agent who is armed with the information they need to resolve the issue with confidence.

Virtual Agent

Integrated virtual agent for ServiceNow portal, automating self-service and reducing load on the service desk.

Intelligent Classification & Routing

Self-learning AI that Learns by Observing service agents to intelligently classify and route calls to correct resolver groups

Semantic Knowledge

Deliver the right knowledge at the right time to the right user using semantic understanding

Federated Knowledge

Breakdown knowledge silos in the organisation by federating knowledge across the enterprise from source like SharePoint and Confluence.

Rapid Implementation

Out-the-box integration will have you up and running in hours, automating requests from users, freeing up your service desk.

Low Cost, High Value

Low license costs with click and deploy integration delivers a low cost self-service automation option for ServiceNow.

Under the hood

Out-of-the-box integration with ServiceNow means Sofi is quick to install, and faster deployment means faster adoption with tangible results sooner. Sofi’s ability to collate knowledge from multiple sources like Confluence and Google Docs to federate knowledge means service agents are empowered to provide right information at the right time to the right person. And when you identify which high-volume requests like password resets take up service agent time, Dialogue Manager enables you to configure new conversations.

I had thought that service desk tools were all much the same, but I was initially astonished and later delighted about how easy Servicely is to use, and how effective and transitioning manual workflows to automation. I had some trepidation about whether our customers would embrace the self-service portal, but it is proving very popular.

Ian Parkin, CEO, 24x7 Solutions

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  • What is ServiceNow?

    ServiceNow is a cloud based platform that enables you to automate and consolidate a wide number of requests, processes, services and workflows across your organisation, meaning that you can use the ServiceNow platform for your IT, HR, Facilities and so on.

    Servicely integrates with the ServiceNow platform straight out-of-the-box, for a seamless deployment that will save you time and money through AI-powered service desk automation.

  • What is an AI Service Desk?

    An AI service desk is powered with intelligent automation, workflows and AI chatbot technology that improve ITSM. Traditional service desks are often overloaded with repetitive tasks, outdated technology and processes, often requiring considerable manual work and human intervention.

    An AI-powered service desk boosts productivity with a low-code platform that enables teams to create and automate workflows faster and employees to achieve their goals more easily.

    For your customers, this creates a frictionless experience which enables them to buy more products or services.

  • How AI is helping the help desk?

    Can Servicely provide a few lines here on how their AI component benefits service desks.

Why Servicely?

Self-learning AI

that gathers information, learns, predicts and offers best actions for speedier issue resolution

A low-code platform

with embedded AI that handles complex processes with ease

One destination with full visibility

from IT through to every business function

More intelligent self-service

delivers stand-out employee and customer experiences

Application of service management processes

throughout the business for enhanced efficiencies

Fast implementation

typically 5-10 days, with measurable ROI in just weeks