Webinars Beyond Chatbots for Service Desk Automation

Beyond Chatbots for Service Desk Automation

Many organisations are seeking ways to improve self-service and reduce the load on their IT service desk or customer contact centre. Included in these efforts is deploying Chatbots or Virtual agents to resolve queries via chat for quick responses when customers have questions about something specific like ticket status.

Well, if you want something done right…
The reality for most organisations is queries still end up with the Service Agents having to handle them manually.

What does this mean for your business? Automation!

Join us at our next session where we will discuss “both sides” on how to automate resolutions while also addressing the issue reducing call handle times while improving first contact resolution and ultimately improving productivity and customer service.

Topics discussed
– Considerations for deploying AI Virtual Agents
– Addressing concerns of customer experience
– The “warm” hand off process
– Augmenting Service Agents to improve service quality