Videos Automate Repetitive Active Directory Tasks

Automate Repetitive Active Directory Tasks

Servicely’s intelligent automation for Microsoft Active Directory removes time consuming manual tasks like adding and removing users from Active Directory distribution/permission groups. Using AI-powered automation, Servicely empowers first level support agents to easily and securely automate these tasks with a single click.

With intelligent self-learning, Servicely’s artificial intelligence observes how your best service agents are resolving issues and actioning requests. This process creates a feature rich data set to learn from. Self-learning enables Servicely to augment other agents, providing recommendations on next best actions. The human in the loop learning process enables Servicely to get smarter over time to enable automating tasks in machine time.

Servicely active directory automation is an example of how customers can reduce call handle time while improving customer service through AI automation. Calculate your ROI using our free ROI calculator

This video demonstrates how Servicely drastically accelerates adding user to an active directory group.


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