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Goodman Telecom Services supports network operators, OEMs, and enterprise customers with over 20 years of telecom service experience.


Goodman had no ITSM tool, no tracking of cases, no time tracking of issues resolution, and used barrages of emails with no accountability. And without problem management, every issue was an incident recorded in spreadsheets and stored in SharePoint. In addition, change management was largely a manual process, also recorded in separate spreadsheets. This led to critical people often not being notified of progress.

Worse from an efficiency point of view, many tickets went unresolved or needed to be escalated so they could be completed.

With no central authority for management of tickets, ‘first call resolution’ seldom occurred unless through a chance meeting with the right person.


Since implementing the Servicely platform, 90% of IT operations has moved to Servicely with a central point of contact for all enterprise services.

Goodman now uses workflows to digitise IT, HR and supply chain processes.

Before Servicely, the company generated 50-100 emails to onboard a new staff member. Now onboarding is partly automated and managed from a single workflow system.

Now people fill out a short elastic form that automatically creates tickets into IT for password and user ID, supply chain for PC or peripherals, or HR for contracts and accounts.

Goodman is also using Servicely to measure CSAT and collect feedback.

Servicely has provided the foundation and the future of digitisation for Goodman Telecoms and its workflows.


Peter Foster, the Goodman Telecom Servicely CIO is constantly talking about how much he likes Servicely:

“From an employee relations perspective, we now have a single point of contact for services like field services, HR benefits; for example, password automation, and ordering of tools or equipment, and claiming dental insurance.

“We also have an aggregate performance score based on customer support score and SLAs, FCR and CSAT, which enables continuous service improvement

“Servicely has given us a view into data, accountability, benchmarks, and the ability to measure a lot more metrics.

“The Servicely implementation enabled to rethink how services are delivered and who are the right process owners for different service types. We now have visibility into the workload and responsiveness, and adjust staffing accordingly.

“We’re now solving majority of issues in <5 hours.

“From a staffing perspective, we were about to hire more resources but instead we’ve been able to cut down on resources in the service desk, and free up people to address the project backlog; in particular, some cyber security initiatives.

“This has accelerated our digital transformation and saved us 30% of the staff resources on the service desk. And we’re just getting started.

“Servicely paid for itself within 30 days of go-live, and conservatively it is going to have an ROI of over 15x this year.

“I’d say overall Servicely has definitely strengthened the position of IT in the business.”

What’s Next

Goodman Telecom assert that Servicely has given them an excellent platform for workflow transformation across all areas of the business.

The organisation now has plans to extend Servicely to include to purchasing processes, and three or four major non-IT processes, as well as onboarding vendors.

The company also plans to extend the CMDB’s scope to track site data for their mobile cell tower network so they always have the right equipment for maintenance and repairs and better manage tool inventory.

Notes Peter Foster, Chief Information Officer, “We can also do things like having crane operators dispatchable from Servicely. There is so much we can do with this platform we could easily realise millions of dollars of savings, and manage our entire workflow operations under a single pane of glass.”

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