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Ben O'Loghlin

As companies acclimatise to new ways of working, Chief Information Officers (CIO) need to look to improved technology to benefit their organisation and the employees where they work.

Enabling CIOs and their IT support teams to work smarter not harder was a driving motivation for the development of AI automation technology, Sofi for ServiceNow.

Founder, Dion Williams, saw an opportunity to provide a cost-effective solution to medium to large enterprises that can’t afford large-scale service desk operations.

“I’ve always been of the belief that good technology makes the lives of employees easier and simpler. Having spent years working within ServiceNow, I realised there was a wider opportunity to help more companies improve their IT service desk processes, so we developed Sofi, an automation tool that simply plugs into ServiceNow.”

Available to medium-to-large enterprises, Sofi for ServiceNow has been recently launched to market and has been implemented by companies like News Limited and Deakin University.

What is Sofi for ServiceNow

As mentioned in our previous blog , the shift towards more work-from-home employees will continue beyond our current circumstances and that means companies need to ensure they’re providing a solution to keep work-from-home staff happy and healthy in their role.

That’s where Sofi for ServiceNow becomes a productivity gain for IT service desks and improves employee morale and experience.

Staff members don’t want to be held back in the completion of the daily requirements of their role due to inferior technology or waiting for IT service desk staff to produce a solution to their requests.

Sofi for ServiceNow helps your company automate their internal IT Service Desk to reduce the number of calls the service desk team members receive and have to action. Typically this has been done by logging a ticket and waiting for a resolution.

Understandably this is a convoluted and time-consuming process and results in the frustrations of staff company-wide. Sofi for ServiceNow enables employees to self-resolve many IT issues via a channel of their choice – MS Team, ServiceNow Service Portal or Slack.

Sofi for ServiceNow also bucks the trend by providing a workable solution that can be implemented within an organisation in one day.

This maximises a company’s time as they don’t have to spend the time training staff. Sofi for ServiceNow is nimble in application and fast in delivery.

Reducing the manual handling of repetitive tasks results in higher work efficiency and increased employee engagement.

The cost of lost IT service desk productivity

Having accurate metrics on how departments are operating within your organisation is paramount to long-term success.

Generally, all department managers are asked to keep a record of monthly expenditure and comparative figures or results to prove return of investment (ROI).

However, having a clear understanding of what calls to IT services desks actually cost a company is something that is often missed or calculated incorrectly.

It was reported by Gartner that the cost of an employee call to an IT service desk averages out to approximately $25 per call and that up to 10,000 calls per month are made to the IT service desk.

While these figures are dependent on factors like the number of employees you have, it’s easy to see that very quickly the cost of lost productivity adds to it.

Based on these figures, it could cost a company of 5,000 employees logging 10,000 calls per month up to $250,000 per month to run their IT service desk.

For a company looking to decrease expenditure and increase staff productivity, automating their IT service desk with Sofi for ServiceNow becomes a viable option.

How much does Sofi for ServiceNow cost?

Many companies have understood the cost-benefit of reducing the number of requests made to IT service desks. But unfortunately, so too have other AI and automation businesses and their pricing has consistently increased as their solution becomes more valued in the marketplace.

That’s why Sofi for ServiceNow is committed to providing a product that’s cost-effective for medium to large enterprises.

Sofi for ServiceNow pricing is dependent on several facts, such as:

● The industry the company operates in

● The amount of staff in a company

● The automation solutions needed by a company

In order to provide the most accurate pricing for your circumstances, we suggest you contact us directly

We know that Sofi for ServiceNow provides a high-quality solution at a competitive price and that’s supported by our customers. One global service desk manager of a large multinational media business stated that:

“Sofi for ServiceNow provided us with the best value for money and a system that simply just works.”

The implementation of AI technology can provide any organisation with efficiency gains and enable a smoother transition from office to at home work.

Moving forward, companies are going to have an increasing need to offer IT service desk solutions to their workforce that reduce the pressure on IT staff to manually respond to employee requests.

Fortunately, the traditional IT methodology of staff raising a ticket and waiting in line for the availability of an IT team member is fast becoming obsolete as automation, like Sofi for ServiceNow, can step employees through how to solve their IT issues (like a password reset) unassisted.

Sofi for ServiceNow was developed to enable CIOs and their IT service desk teams to automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual handling and increase company-wide productivity and satisfaction.

Get in touch with us at and register for a 14 day free trial of Sofi for ServiceNow.

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