BLOG Internal Customer Service and why every business needs AI to improve it

Ben O'Loghlin

The main aim for any organisation is to ensure they have the necessary technology and skills in place to provide a superior customer service experience, to ensure they have happy customers.

But what about providing that same level of customer service experience to your internal Employees? Imagine your internal engine running as efficiently and successfully, and having happy productive employees?

That is where ServicelyAI comes in, an AI-powered Service Management solution that is designed to help resolve employees’ issues related to anything from the basic password reset, to HR issues or to more complex IT issues.

ServicelyAI is an internal facing automated ticketing system designed to respond to predictable employee questions without–or with minimal–human intervention. Allowing Employees to resolve these issues no matter what communication channel they choose to use whether it be Slack, email or via a self-service portal.

ServicelyAI was built after the founder Dion Williams (CEO) sold his previous business a reseller of ServiceNow licences to the Australian and New Zealand market. He found customers in the small to mid-market were not being serviced effectively as the price point was too prohibitive for them and the other solutions in the market were old cumbersome platforms.

“By designing a smart, simple and accessible platform using AI and NLU, we have made the process of improving the internal customer service experience a way to ultimately power a better external customer experience too.”

By giving employees access to AI enabled software that automates any of their queries and is easy to use will directly impact their ability to be more productive and spend more time serving their external customers.

Using NLU we allow the system to learn and observe from the organisations best service agents to ultimately automate and Augment the unique company knowledge base allowing them to spend 70% less time resolving mundane repetitive tasks.

With 2020 bringing WFH to the forefront, ServicelyAI is helping customers streamline the employee experience, which ultimately means happy employees, happy customers.

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