BLOG From Tribal Knowledge to Intelligent Service Management

Ben O'Loghlin

We have all be there, call the Service Desk and the quality and efficiency of your interaction depend on the Service Desk Analyst you are dealing with.

Capturing an organization’s Tribal Knowledge.

This is no reflection of the individual but rather a result of what is known as, knowledge is a consequence of experience, or as I like to refer to it, Tribal Knowledge.

Tribal Knowledge is acquired knowledge that is acquired over time by staff members who have been in an organization for a long time, these staff member simply just “know stuff”. They know where to find stationery cupboards and they know the phone extensions for HR, Facilities, etc. Ask them anything about the organization and they just seem to know the answer.

The question is how they know this, well the answer is, knowledge is a consequence of experience. At some point in working for the company, they have had to call HR or needed a new notepad while rushing to a meeting and had to swing by the stationary cupboard. This knowledge is developed over time and allows them to “know stuff” i.e., they have acquired the Tribal Knowledge.

This same process plays out every day on your Service Desk, some analysts just know how to solve a particular issue, not because there is a knowledge article or because they covered it during induction training, they know because they previously dealt with a similar issue and remembered how to solve it. The more time they spend on the Service Desk the more their Tribal Knowledge improves until they become one of your top Service Desk Analysts.

Unfortunately, Service Desk Analysts leave, they go work somewhere else or they are promoted internally and with them leaves this Tribal Knowledge.

Consider the following, 48% of respondents to the Service Desk Institute survey responded confirming they spend on average 10 – 40 hours of induction training on each new Service Desk Analyst.

This is only induction training and does not include ongoing training or ramp time for the new Service Desk Analyst.

Download the full report at SDI

Whilst training is the first step in preparing a new Service Desk Analysts to handle calls, it is only the start of their Tribal Knowledge journey. A journey that is costly for the business with reduced first call resolution and incorrectly assigned calls as the Service Desk Analysts improves their Tribal Knowledge until they a good understanding of the environment and how to resolve common issues. But, then they depart the Service Desk and we start the process over again.

How do we solve this problem of costly induction and ramp time during which the business experiences a reduction in service experience and increased costs due to incorrectly assigned calls?

Imagine you could capture this Tribal Knowledge in an intelligent service management platform. A platform that learns by Observing how your best Service Desk Analysts are solving issues, to Augment new Service Desk Analysts to deliver a consistent and efficient service experience to the business.

Servicely is a new breed of intelligent service management platform that leverage the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence to capture and retain Tribal Knowledge to Augment and Automate common requests and issue, helping improve the productivity of your business while keeping the operational costs in check.

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